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Fusion 💠 Vertical Stand-Up System


Sweepstakes Central is a licensed Distributor for the Banilla Stand-Up Machines.

Fusion – Fusion is the next level of entertaining gaming experiences! It is a 5 game multi-pack that includes 5 nudge games. It is a slick and innovative design that works on a 32'' vertical monitor. This game is a beauty and will be a must-have in your location!

Upon Order, you will be receiving a phone call from a member of our sales team. On this call you will be briefed on our process in regards to 

  • Onboarding 
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Customer Support  

Given all requirements to become an operator are met, and nothing further impedes the process, it will be a smooth process from the initial call to the full set up! 


    • 🕹Plug and Play Kiosk 
    • 🪓Shell Wrapped with Top Quality Wood
    • 💻Fully Integrated Gameboard
    • 📺19-24in. Gold Finger Touch Screen
    • 🦁Built-in 4k Game Graphics
    • 🔵Graphic and RAM Cards
    • 📶Built-in Wi-fi and Ethernet
    • 💡Built-in Power Supply
    • 💵Interchangeable Cash Box
    • 💲Easy Release Bill Acceptor
    • 🖨Custom Thermal Printer
    • 🔑Key and Lock Safety
    • 🔔Anti-Cheat Alarms
    • 🔊Built-in Speakers With Volume Control
    • 👩‍⚕️Anytime Online Support 



    Fusion Pre-installed Gameboard comes with multi-games and Community Jackpot Software plus On-Screen Admin Settings and Reporting Software.

    Proven Math Holds, Fun Player Bonus Rounds, Interactive Skill Play, keeping your players entertained for hours while adding excitement plus new clients and revenue to your local business establishment. 


    Sweepstakes Central is an Authorized Supplier of the Banilla Fusions. We have great partnerships with the suppliers and work directly with them, so we are not third person. Sweepstakes Central will lease the Machinery to your location on a revenue share percentage weekly. Terms will be discussed during the sales process. 

    All Suppliers offer: 

    • 🔅 Free shipping on equipment 

      🔅 Equipment Installations 

      🔅 Machinery Compliant with Laws  

      🔅 Machine Reporting 

      🔅 Multiple Payment Option


    Sweepstakes Central will shout out Machinery to the Locations for free. Delivery MUST take place at the address of the business and nowhere else. If the location is not open at the time of delivery, the contract will be nullified. Shipping times can take anywhere from 1-6 Weeks from placing an order to full delivery. 

    All Stand-Ups come with a crew to install them and ensure they are working before they leave them at your location. These are plug and play units, so once they are in the location it's a quick process to fire them up. 


    Sweepstakes Central and Suppliers claim ownership of all products, which will be returned after leasing dates are up. Sweepstakes Central can decide to pull the units at any time due to a breach in contract and/or the Operator is not satisfied with the product for any reason.

    If agreements are made on the specifications of Machinery orders and at the time of delivery the Operator is not satisfied, they will cover the shipping cost and installation fee that was paid by us.