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Riversweeps 💠 Play-From-Home Games


Lease our Riversweeps Play from Home Sweepstakes Game System for a small weekly license fee. 

Our revenue sharing model enables Operators with an accrued advantage to create income on multiple platforms without depleting all cashflow on a daily basis. 


Upon Order, you will be receiving a phone call from a member of our sales team. On this call you will be briefed on our process in regards to 

  • Onboarding 
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Customer Support  

Given all requirements to become an operator are met, and nothing further impedes the process, it will be a smooth process from the initial call to the full set up! 


    Riversweeps is a Play-from-home Sweepstakes System offered to operators within the Online Gaming Industry. This platform can be leased TODAY! A combination of In-Game and Big jackpots with an average industry standard hold, gives operators an edge to succeed while generating a sustainable income flow. 


    Play on the Go or at home and enjoy these sweet PERCS: 

    ⛅ Play at ANYTIME YOU WANT!!!

    🧷 24/7 Customer Support  

    💲   Variety of Games To Win from! 

    💥  Grand Jackpots available!  


    Riversweeps has a fleet of many games to play on. Intricate and user friendly designs allow players to navigate, play and Win in a progressive manner. A combination of In-Game Jackpots and In-Game wins keeps arcades interactive and more attractive to play from. Players will use basic elements of skill and coordination to be able to win.   


    Leasing our Sweepstakes games help boost revenue and add additional income streams. 

    All contracts with Suppliers are Tier 1. Our right to distribute for Online software and Physical Machinery is fully legal, and these partnerships foster the ease of access for Operators. 

    All Suppliers offer: 

    🔅 Free shipping on equipment 

    🔅 Equipment Installations 

    🔅 Machinery Compliant with Laws  

    🔅 Machine Reporting 

    🔅 Multiple Payment Option


    We have a full Support staff with the ability to provide support 24/7. One of our main drivers is Customer Support and taking king good care of ours, so feel free to reach out to us at any time with issues you may have and we'll be there to help you out and ensure you succeed!